Did you know there is a shell that allows you to enable a plugin after installing it via composer?

bin/cake plugin load Muffin/Trash

You can also load the plugin’s bootstrap or routes:

# I'm not releasing this, so don't try and composer require it
bin/cake plugin load --bootstrap --routes Josegonzalez/Blog

Most people installed CakePHP 3 using the cakephp/app project template, so you have access to both bake and migrations:

# migrate all the things!
bin/cake migrations migrate
# get a migration status
bin/cake migrations status
# bake a migration
bin/cake bake migration_snapshot Initial
# bake a form (or really anything else)
bin/cake bake form AddForm

If you are running migrations, it may be useful to clear the ORM’s cache so that your code is aware of the new fields:

bin/cake migrations migrate && bin/cake orm_cache clear

And if you are deploying code, maybe you want to ensure the cache is set before the first user’s request comes in, speeding up that initial request:

bin/cake orm_cache build

I’m a big fan of the server shell. It allows me to quickly test an app locally without needing to setup a virtualhost or a webserver. Very useful for development, and something I recommend everyone learn to place in their arsenal:

# specify a port I know won't collide with other stuff I run on my machine
bin/cake server -p 1995

In older versions of CakePHP 3, we introduced a full REPL around boris, but that has since been replaced with Psysh. It’s actually quite nice, and lets me test out new code I’ve written in various scenarios.

# yo dawg, i hurd u liek shells, so I put a shell in your shell so you can shell while you shell!
bin/cake console
# Note: it saves your history, just like a regular shell, which is nice :)

And finally, something I missed from my short stint doing Ruby on Rails, being able to list routes in an application.

# list routes
bin/cake routes
# see what a url route maps to internally
bin/cake routes check /articles
# generate the url route for a key:pair setup
bin/cake routes generate controller:Articles action:view 2


A shell I discovered a few weeks back is one by the ever-helpful Loadsys Web Strategies company. It lets you read into keys were loaded into configure (which is great if you have an app with several Configure::load() statements and don’t know where a key might be):

# install it
composer require loadsys/cakephp-config-read:~3.0
# load it
bin/cake plugin load ConfigRead
# use it (on your debug mode)
bin/cake config_read debug
# on your application's encoding
bin/cake config_read App.encoding
# on the default database configuration
bin/cake config_read Datasources.default

Is there a CakePHP Shell you’d like to see ported from another framework? Something you find useful or lacking? Leave a note in the comments.