What you will learn with this eBook

  • Developing within a Vagrant Virtual Machine

    Ever tire of setting up a local development server just to screw up the rest of your TCP/IP settings? Fret no more as we work within a virtualized server.

  • Managing Dependencies via Composer

    Installing CakePHP, Plugins, and external libraries need not be difficult. Learn how to use the excellent Composer tool to manage libraries your app uses.

  • Custom CakePHP Routes

    Customizing your URL structure is important. We go over creating custom route classes, enabling you to really harness the power of the CakePHP Router.

  • Using the Powerful Crud Plugin

    Tired of writing the same old CRUD code? Ever wanted to expand the way bake generated data internally? Use the Crud plugin to boost your baking skills.

  • User Authentication and Authorization

    Stop fighting the CakePHP AuthComponent. Learn a quick and easy way to add application authentication and protect your app using the simplest authorization code.

  • Deploying your application to Heroku

    Rather than attempt to figure out yet another production server, we deploy your application to the cloud using the excellent Heroku platform. For free. Boom.

  • Scaffold templates using Bake

    Save time with the bake CakePHP shell and generate your template files with minimal fuss.

  • The CakePHP Event system

    Confused on how CakePHP uses events internally? Want to start using them in your everyday code? This book introduces multiple ways to use events. All in easy to understand examples.

  • Implement Access Control

    Learn how to implement a custom access control system for your application without using the ACL Component!

  • CakePHP Shells

    Stop running commands directly against your database or in web requests. Learn how to write administrative code with the CakePHP shell system.

Just bought this book and can't wait to tear into this bad boy!
John Doe
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Excited to see some best practices and latest tools from a #CakePHP core developer :)
Jane Doe
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It's helped me out quite a lot, especially with Heroku deployment.
Jimmy Doe
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Overview of Rapid Application Development with CakePHP 2

Chapter 1

The Setup

A gentle introduction into using vagrant and setting up your development environment

Chapter 2

Prepping our Application

Learn all about using Composer to manage application-level dependencies

Chapter 3

Adding Automated Testing

Setup testing via TravisCI and write your first CakePHP test

Chapter 4

Deploying to Heroku

Stop trying to setup a production server

Chapter 5

Implementing a Paste

Use the Crud and Migrations plugin to quickly write application-level code

Chapter 6

Custom Application Actions

Take a reprieve from building your app to learn more about routing, controllers and helpers

Chapter 7

Public and Private Pastes

Use the Crud plugin to hide certain pastes from general access

Chapter 8

Debugging Data via DebugKit

Write a custom panel for the CakePHP DebugKit plugin and learn how to profile your app

Chapter 9

User Authentication

Learn how to setup user authentication for existing apps and begin locking down access

Chapter 10

User Profiles

Create custom CakePHP routes to access user profiles we setup via Bake and the Crud plugin

Chapter 11

Adding Roles to Users

Learn about CakePHP Shells and Validation rules to add custom roles to users

Chapter 12

Simple Access Control

Use roles to develop a custom, annotation-based access control system for your app


A word from the Author

I wrote this book after being frustrated with the options for new CakePHP developers. This book is therefore a distillation of my own development practices, mixed with those of other CakePHP Core Developers and the community at large. I focused on getting past the tough issues quickly while utilizing knowledge of the internals to teach you how to create a bakers delight.

Whether you are a CakePHP beginner, or have been using CakePHP for years, this book is designed to ensure you learn exactly what you need to do to craft a high performance application that is also a treat to work with. I hope you enjoy it.

- Jose Diaz-Gonzalez, CakePHP Core Developer

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