This year, consider giving back to the CakePHP community. CakePHP is an open source project that is maintained by mostly volunteers. Some companies do contribute in the form of employee time, but CakePHP is largely a labor of love.

Found a bug in our docs? Are you good at writing documentation? Please consider contributing back to the docs project. It’s written in Restructured Text, but should be easy to update.

Think you found some awesome code and you want to share it with the world? Submit it to the plugins site!

If you want to give help, but don’t have much time, consider subscribing to the google groups. Those with a bit more time can either answer questions on stackoverflow, or even join our the irc channel at irc://

Pull requests are accepted at all official CakePHP projects. Also looking for contributions are FriendsOfCake projects, a few of which I’ve posted in previous CakeAdvent posts. If you cannot contribute code, you can also submit bug reports for issues you’ve had in the past. And if your bug is a serious security issue, consider emailing with details.

For those looking to make a monetary contribution - proceeds go to CakeFest, server costs, training etc. - feel free to donate via one of the links on the main CakePHP site. If you’d like training, Cake Development Corporation also offers live training courses, proceeds of which also go to the Cake Software Foundation.

Remember, CakePHP is a community made of developers, by developers, and for developers. Help make CakePHP one of the best frameworks out there!