When using the EmailComponent in CakePHP, the host should always include the protocol. In the case of accessing GMail’s smtp support, you may want to use ssl://smtp.gmail.com as the host. Just FYI, that will save a ton of time.

CakeDjjob’s DeferredEmail class had a few errors in it, mainly in setting the email addresses for outbound traffic. I had a few of those issues to fix, and was simultaneously wondering whether or not to create a DeferredEmail class for SwiftMailer. I’ve decided against it, and that instead I would write an improved SwiftMailerComponent, but one using the exact same methods as the EmailComponent for setting variables etc. Should be fun, but I don’t think I shall be done with it at any point soon.

I discovered an odd bug in some freelance code I wrote a year ago that makes an image that is supposed to be centered just grow until the width of the image is equal to the width of the page. It’s a funny problem because it only seems to affect webkit browsers on mobile devices. A quick search reveals no similar issues, so it makes my life that much easier to deal with.